The Health of Our Minds

Updated: Aug 21

More than a quarter of the American population suffers from a mental health disorder every single year. Therefore, deciphering whether this topic is worth becoming competent in, should be fairly uncomplicated. Because what affects you, affects me, what're more the birds, & the bees.

A mental illness can range from moderate anxiety to suicidal thoughts or schizophrenia. Relatively, it involves significant changes in cognitive ability, in regards to communication, self-esteem, memory, emotion, thinking, & behavior.

If you've ever taken a moment to observe your thoughts, whether through mediation, a developmental course, or out of sheer boredom, you'll know they hold some weight. They can control us as much as they can teach us.

So where do our thoughts come from?

  • from ourselves (learned behavior & personality)

  • from outside influences (i.e. your family, friends, favorite influencers, or even ppl you hate)

  • from inside influences (i.e. your core beliefs, spirit, & highest self)

Thoughts have a way of getting confused because there are so many ways they can be swayed. So what do we do? We care for our minds! We intentionally invest the time to exercise them (as we would our bodies) and filter out the continuous input we receive every day. To gain control of our opportunities in life, we must first understand what we're focused on inside.