Beyond Being

Updated: Aug 21

Where we all begin - simply being

a poem by r.k.fleming

most people are simply being

functioning from day to day

without ever sitting

processing the lifestyle and decisions made

internal feelings are ignored

to make blaming the norm

the state of living is the state of being

without the need for more

of an explanation or even an effort

to explore

beyond being is feeling

though more often forgotten today

teaching the body to balance

in a healthy functioning state

allowing you the ability to connect

through senses sight touch

smell sound and taste

the mind slows into a relaxed state

extremes become less extreme

and a future becomes seen

without judgment listening is key

the body sends signals both in and externally

embrace feelings to understand

to feel the rawness of life

welcome each emotion equally

embrace feelings to live

with a heart willing to self-reflect

with a heart genuinely content

thoughts are tricky because of their past

the way they are formed

around pain habits and societal norms

generationally carrying weight

on top of our own

while trauma releases stress hormones

the increasing fear gives permission to distract

the reason

the higher thought rhythm

it's the unhealed thought that asks

for a change

that begs for remolding of the space

these are the thoughts that drag

through your past

feelings of less than whole

of missing something

deep in your soul

thinking outside of what we're told

strengthens the mind

a match to spark the divine

this world

takes time to explore

spirituality wellness a purpose and more

open your eyes to see

the possibilities

in the power of you

the perspective shift

we've forever needed before

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