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in love

i find myself wanting

to write about love

not being in love with one

but with all

on days anger or sadness runs through me, i want to feel love.

i began writing about giving and receiving love to realize a deeper truth.

asking, "how do we store what we are not willing to receive?"

the truth is i often doubt myself and my knowledge, have struggled to follow through on self-starter projects, judge the way i speak, and so many other acts of self-sabotage that i can't believe i first typed out the words "its easy to receive love." because if it were easy, i'd receive my own love and the proof would be in every aspect of my life.

the true delight is being so in love with this life that it spreads out of us even through anger and pain. we can receive it fully and give freely. our goals are achieved, our energy is high, and we feel unstoppable in deep alignment. i've felt moments of this love but i'm aiming to live in it.

aren't you?

where there is love there is life


"Only when we have found the source and connected one part of the mind there - then we can enjoy everything."

bringing the mind to silence, stillness and purity brings joy in even the breaths we breathe. when we go within and realize the peace within ourselves, ordinary pleasures and pains no longer distract us from living our purpose in the name of love.

i'm meditating

training the mind for stillness

finding peace within

practice and patience

in peace learn how to love

in pain learn how to love

in the moment learn

train the mind to be in a moment

concentrated and connected

the source rooting

from the deep stillness within

seeping in love

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