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I have so many parts of myself that have yet to be integrated into the whole. there are simply sections of my personality that I continually choose to leave out. this is usually to benefit a job, a family member, or a friend



myself. choosing to leave amazing parts of me afloat in the abyss of a fragmented subconscious. 

do you do this? do you separate yourself from the self you know to be true?

  • deep fragmentation occurs when you live through the body and ego while neglecting the spirit and soul. fragmentation can also come from trauma, low mental health, or lack of access to essential needs.

  • fragmentation is being easily irritable, short-tempered, insecure, or lacking in discernment. it's an inability to access your core pieces - your core peace.

  • wholeness comes with discernment in the self. when you're able to say, “that doesn’t align with me but I'm grateful for and love the opportunity to decide.” 

  • when you fully express yourself out of love and selflessness you are part of the ever-flowing whole

living outside of this present moment is fragmentation. sometimes I observe my past as if it's something far away but then I’ll notice I'm standing the same. the same hunched shoulders, shy smile, silly jokes, and awkward hug goodbye. have I changed or do I relive memories to stay safe?

where does fragmentation take place? it begins in the mind

mana eva manushyanam - as the mind, so the person

Mana Eva Manushyanam As the Mind, so the Person



false reality

blurry memories

getting stuck creating explanations without stepping fully into our truth. frozen thinking about it instead of doing, saying, and feeling more

wholeness requires being vulnerable and activating the body every single day authentically

does that feel overwhelming to you?

does the pain of not living your truth feel better or worse? some say it’s selfish to live this way, “your own way,” but see how selfless you’re actually being to become better than before.

watching netflix while cooking lunch on the stove has me leaving room for less flavor and inner thoughts unheard. I wait for the show to end to know it’s time to transition my activities again. but why do I wait for the show to tell me when my body knows what’s best? I’m only fragmented in this space of split focus and excess. 

I need to reintegrate. do you?

I believe this is the journey of my life. reintegrating.

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