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Are You Living Intentionally?

thebirdvine is an all-inclusive platform designed to grow your awareness and encourage an intentionally full life!


Mindful Classes

Unique & Simple Approach

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Being Mindful Can Change Your Life

It helps you sleep better

Mindfulness helps neverending thoughts clear, pushing your body into relaxation mode for a perfect nights sleep.

Decreases anxiety & depression

Psychologists have now proven that mindfulness meditation actively changes our brain and biology in positive ways, thereby improving our mental health.

It reduces stress levels 

"Mindfulness influences two different stress pathways in the brain, changing brain structures and activity in regions associated with attention and emotion regulation."

Improves attention & concentration

Mindfulness allows you the ability to focus your attention and suppress distracting information.


Meet Your Coach

Concentrating Values:

Honesty, Awareness, Individuality, Spirituality, and Consistency  


If you want to gain direction, feel good, and create clarity in your day-to-day life, I'm your girl! I specialize in self-help nervous system management techniques, meditation, and thought processing. 

Via detailed explanations, I provide practical solutions for anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other symptoms of poor mental health or nervous system dysfunction.


I'd love to help you become your healthiest, true authentic self!

Click the link below to find a course that best fits your current needs.

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"Meditation is neither something unknown to you, nor something you have to seek elsewhere. Rather it is continuously maintaining the present awareness with undistracted mindfulness."

Karmapa Wangchug Dorje


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